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Belle du Jour

Korean Cultural Centre welcomes you to Belle du Jour, by Guruvinayak Singh Budhwar.


Belle du Jour translates to ‘Beauty of the Day’ and the theme can be found in Guruvinayak’s artworks. Through this exhibition the artist tries to rekindle the hope and instill positivity on to the viewers.

Guruvinayak Singh is a self taught artist, who likes to play with the themes of surrealism, allowing one to defy natural and scientific laws. His artwork stands as a testament to who he is as an artist, highlighting his visions and creative endeavours. His passion for colors and creativity has been strong ever since he began painting at a young age.

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Inauguration ceremony

Date: June 21, 2021

Time: 17:00 IST

Meeting ID: 975 5672 3052

Pass code: sWK58w


Virtual Exhibition
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